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Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that helps organizations manage business functions and streamline operations with a centralized database and a user-friendly interface. Modules include accounting and finance, customer relationship management, supply chain, inventory management, manufacturing, human resources and business intelligence. Please check detailed functionality on

The open source model of Odoo has allowed us to leverage thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years. With a strong technical foundation, Odoo’s framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all its apps.

There are two licensing options available:

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is a subscription based model and offers enhanced functionality. Organisations that have relatively complex workflows, can benefit from Odoo’s Enterprise Edition, which can deployed and configured based on specific business requirements.

Community Edition

Community Edition is an open source version which can be explored by organisations with limited budget and significantly reduced complexity. Some of the critical functionality on offer in the Enterprise Edition are not avaible in the community version. It could be a good starting position if you have limited budet.

Hosting cost is still applicable in this case.

Broadpeak Offer

The Following Key Services

We can provide assistance in defining the functional and technical requirements based on your needs and plans. An implementation without a properly documented requirement is usually not successful in meeting the expectations of user groups across the organisation.

We follow an implmentation approach that has the following key phases:

Plan – The objective of this phase is to fully understand the stakeholders and their requirements. This helps reduce future surprises and enable us to deliver the project in time and within budget.

Design – The objective of this phase is to document requirements based on meetings and information provided and then map it to Odoo’s functionality.

Implement – The objective of this phase is to configure standard Odoo functionality and complement it with custom addons or development to meet specific business requirement.

Go-live – The objective of this phase is to provide user training and data conversion support.

We provide functional and technical support based on three different plans. These are Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  • Gold Plan – 100 hours
  • Silver Plan – 75 hours
  • Bronze Plan – 50 hours



broapeak have extensive experience with IT consulting,
business analysis & Odoo.

We offer Odoo to clients across the following industry verticals:

    • Retail
    • E-commerce
    • Engineering and Project based companies
    • Education

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