What Challenges Are You Facing ?

Broadpeak Consulting’s Strategy Practice helps you develop or appraise strategic business plans, in both deal and non-deal related situations, through a rigorous analysis of the business market environment and internal capabilities.

To be able to plan for a long-term, you require a business strategy that influences the performance of activities, that are:.

  • Different from those of the ‘rivals’; or
  • Similar activities but performed in a different way

This is reflected in an organization’s Business Model and is a key to any organization’s survival. In order to effectively implement the selected Business Model, it is important that the organization develops a deep understanding of:

The market in which it is operating so that it can develop an understanding of and identify:

Developments in the product or service
Opportunities which are in the market place
The substitutes which are threatening the existence of the product or services
Threats from its rivals
The regulatory framework across the economies and

The internal strengths and weaknesses

Broadpeak Consulting helps organizations in not only defining their ‘Business Model’, but also in conducting its ‘Strategic Assessment’ and articulating the ‘Business Strategy’.

Success of a strategy lies in its implementation. Research by Gartner shows that over 70% of change projects fail to deliver expected benefits. Failures in achieving benefits are not because the solution was wrong; in-fact, in most cases the solution was right. The failure has largely been due to the poor implementation and lack of focus..Broadpeak Consulting provides Strategy implementation and performance diagnostics, that will enable you to maintain that focus.


The following shows how various aspects of the business are linked, and what services can be provided by Broadpeak Consulting to address the challenges identified above:

This involves a comprehensive review of the organization’s business plan in the context of projected market conditions, the industry as well as its competition. Financial due diligence findings and conclusions are also considered so that the conclusions are holistic and provide an integrated view across all aspects of a transaction.

Broadpeak Consulting helps organizations define and refine their Business Model after conducting detailed brainstorming sessions, where strategic management of your organization and members of Broadpeak Consulting’s ‘Panel of Experts’ participate.

Broadpeak Consulting assists organizations develop and refine their business strategy after conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market and internal capabilities. Working alongside your organization’s executives, we define or refine the ‘Mission and Vision’, the business model and ascertain strategies required to enable them.

Broadpeak Consulting works with you to develop a detailed roadmap for the implementation of the identified strategic initiatives.. We can provide assistance in effective implementation of various components of the roadmap or effective management of the implementation.

Following definition of the Business Strategy, we also assist in reassessing current operating model and defining an operating model that effectively implements the Business Model, as well as Business Strategies.

Broadpeak Consulting also helps organizations, convert their business strategy and operating model into a Business Plan, across a range of scenarios. The scenarios are defined on the basis of economic outlook, competitive landscape and the capabilities of the organization.

Broadpeak Consulting’s ‘Panel of Experts’, enables it to effectively assist clients in implementing their business strategies and enhancing their capability to differentiate themself.

Rapid assessment of your positioning and opportunity for improvement is one of the most important aspects of the strategy. We have dedicated teams specialized in different sectors to identify improvement opportunities and to suggest action plan across strategy, structure, people, process, information and technology service lines.


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