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What Challenges Are You Facing ?

The rate of change in the economic world has gained pace over the last decade and if you do not adapt quickly, chances are you will not be able to survive. COVID 19 is one such example that has exponentially impacted almost all business in some shape of form.

Technology has evolved and continues to evolve and impact the way we live our lives and do business. In these changing times old business models are no longer relevant.

Business are constantly required to adapt and re-invent themselves. If you are still managing the business using a 3 to 5 year strategy defined before COVID 19 started, chances are your management team is relying on their instinct and not the strategy that is no longer relevant.

It is more important than ever that a well thought out strategy is defined and kept current so that you are ready to survive in an every changing world.

Investors do not even evaluate a company for investment if they see that the management is still operating in a pre-COVID 19 paradigm.

What is our Value Proposition

We offer Strategy and Corporate Finance related services that is :

Professionally undertaken by experienced consultants and experts
Quantified in financial terms
Well documentedin terms of analysis carried out and the way forward

What are our Service Offerings

Broadpeak offers services and corresponding technology to enable organisations to effectively record and report financial information.

Broadpeak Consulting assists organizations develop and refine their business strategy after conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market and internal capabilities. Working alongside your organization’s executives, we define or refine the ‘Mission and Vision’, the business model and ascertain strategies required to enable them.

Broadpeak Consulting also helps organizations, convert their business strategy and operating model into a Business Plan, across a range of scenarios. The scenarios are defined on the basis of economic outlook, competitive landscape and the capabilities of the organization

Information Memorandum is needed when a business wants to approach investors and wants to present a document that introduces the business to them. IM’s are most often targeted at “Sophisticated Investors” who have the skills, knowledge, money and track-record to understand the risks and rewards attached to investing in a specific business venture.

Developing information memorandum that creates interest while still being a fact based document is key to attracting the investors. Broadpeak has the required skill set to understand the risks impacting the future operations of a typical business venture and hence has the capability to develop an IM that is fact based while motivating the investor to take the decision ‘FAST’.

Business Valuation is an important aspect of any discussion at the time when an investor buys or sells their shares of the business. Valuation of a business that represents its value based on its future cashflow generating capability. Broadpeak has the experience of conducting similar engagements and can advise on both the buy as well as the sell side of the transaction.

This involves a comprehensive review of the organization’s business plan in the context of projected market conditions, the industry as well as its competition. Financial due diligence findings and conclusions are also considered so that the conclusions are holistic and provide an integrated view across all aspects of a transaction.


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